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CaribSea No NO3 3.8 Litres *OUT OF STOCK*

CaribSea No NO3 3.8 Litres *OUT OF STOCK*
CaribSea No NO3 3.8 Litres *OUT OF STOCK*
Nitrate troubles? Current research shows that sulfur based denitrators hold promise for significant nitrate reduction in heavily bio-loaded systems. These experimental biologically driven de-nitrator/reactors rely on a combination of pure sulfur, aragonite and sulfur reducing bacteria. NO-NO3 is that media. Go ahead and experiment. CaribSea has you covered.

NO-NO3 is intended for use in experimental sulfur based nitrate reduction equipment or systems. Nitrate and pH test kits are required to fine tune any nitrate reducing equipment. Sulfur based nitrate reduction may strongly acidify surrounding water. NO-NO3 includes aragonite to help neutralize acid and supply calcium ions as a by-product of the neutralization reaction.

Place NO-NO3 in any oxygen restricted environment. A typical system will employ a canister with a means to control water flow rate. As with any experimental project, we do not recommend putting a significant amount of sea life at immediate risk, nor risk the health of well established systems without a thorough testing of the effluent parameters first.
Note: Nitrate reduction with sulfur may produce an odor. Due to the experimental nature of sulfur based de-nitrification, the manufacturer accepts no responsibility for the use of this product.

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