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Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum Complete

Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum Complete
Blagdon Pond Monsta Vacuum Complete

Pond Monsta Complete now including the collector is the latest innovation from Blagdon ‘The Pond Masters’ to make cleaning your pond easy. Its patented design uses the latest technology to make cleaning a pond easy, quick and safe for your fish. Economical, powerful suction removes pond waste, up to 32mm in diameter, with ease saving you time allowing you to sit back an enjoy your water garden.The year round problems of leaves, sludge, blanket weed and stones can now be removed easily leaving your pond in pristine condition – pond maintenance has never been so easy with the Pond Monsta.

• Easy – in pool near neutral buoyancy allows ease of movement around the pond floor.
• Quick – 4 times faster than other pond vacuums.
• Effective – Powerful suction, removes leaves, stones (up to 32mm), blanketweed and sludge. Up to 6000 l/h flow.
• Safe – Pond floor intake prevents any harm from coming to the fish.
• Control and safety – Remote control Power on / power off switch.
• Economical - Low wattage motor compared to other pond vacuum systems
• Environmental - The Monsta collector allows – collection of 2mm or more solids for composting and allows water to be recycled to the pond or used to water the rest of the garden.

Flexible – upgrades available, handle extension and different cleaning heads complete the range.




$ 399.00
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