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Giesemann Razor T5 Light Bar 2 x 54w

Giesemann Razor T5 Light Bar 2 x 54w
Giesemann Razor T5 Light Bar 2 x 54w

Giesemann have formed a partnership with D-D Aquarium Solutions (UK) and developed a new generation of T-5 light bars.

The latest lighting innovation enables all aquarists' to successfully mimic natural lighting environments in their aquariums. We have studied all aspects of lighting from reflectors to tubes to bring you ther T5 RAZOR light the most effective and energy efficient lighting solutions possible.

Ideal for freshwater and marine aquariums, the RAZOR can be used as the sole lamp in covered aquariums, for example, or as an additional one for uncovered aquariums. The watertight aluminium body has a anodized finish to provide good reflection.

The Giesemann Light Bar is only available with groundbreaking T5 technology for high-performance 16 mm fluorescent lamps. Compared to conventional 26 mm tubes these T5 fluorescent lamps exhibit up to 30 % higher effectiveness.

Mirror-finish reflectors that double the luminous intensity of the fluorescent lamps are also optionally available for the RAZOR light module.


- Twin-lamp watertight light module
- Variable mounting options
- matt anodized aluminium section
- Flickerfree electronic HF ballasts
- Power cord 150 cm (60 inch)
- Lamps not included  
$ 349.00
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