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Aquatronica Multi Tester

Aquatronica Multi Tester
Aquatronica Multi Tester

MULTITESTER Aquatronica is an electronic device for measuring all the main values in an aquarium (Temperature, pH, Redox, Marine density, Conductivity, Level, Flooding) and for connecting dimmable lights to it.

2 interfaces (with relative probes) and the special “Easy Plug” (ACQ005) power unit can be connected to the Multi-tester simultaneously: this allows the Multitester not only to detect the specific parameters of the aquarium (thanks to the interfaces) but also to correct them, by activating the devices connected to the multi-outlet.

EASY PLUG (ACQ005) does indeed have 2 outlets, to which you can connect 2 external utilities (heater, cooler, CO2 valve etc.) and is powered by a power socket.

The MULTITESTER performs these functions:

  • INSTANT TESTER of the water values in place of normal chemical tests. When used as a portable instrument, once connected to the special power supply unit included it measures the desired values.
  • STORAGE OF THE VALUES By leaving the instrument always connected to the electric mains, the two monitored parameters of the aquarium are continually checked and their trend over time is displayed in a graphic representation.
  • ELECTRONIC DIARY for managing routine and special maintenance. The electronic diary allows you to insert reminders (you can also program the diary to repeat reminders at regular intervals)..
  • SETTING PROGRAMS With the Easy Plug connection, the parameters the Multitester reads can be modified. Up to five programs can be set, so that the instruments connected to the Easy Plug can be switched on and off accordingly.

$ 349.00
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