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Jebo Electronic CO2 system - 9 watt

Jebo Electronic CO2 system - 9 watt
Jebo Electronic CO2 system - 9 watt

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the most important plant nutrient. In the natural water environment, CO2-rich nutrition springs and the fermentation processes in the ground supply a continuous flow of CO2 to sustain lavish and luxurious plant growth. This natural CO2 supply is missing in the aquarium, thus an additional CO2 fertilization is essential. A deficiency in CO2 is the reason for unnaturally high pH-values and stunted or wilted aquarium plants.

The JEBO Aquarium CO2 System comes in handy to serve the purpose of supplying a continuous flow of CO2 to sustain the lavish plant growth in your aquarium. This CO2 system generates carbon dioxide for use in fresh water aquariums and this CO2 generator should be used for indoor aquariums only. Jebo electronic CO2 systems consists of a regulator and a carbon sandwich which is mounted inside the aquarium. Electrolysis frees CO2 from the carbon block. A dial allows control over the correct amount of CO2 for the aquarium - using harmless low voltage. The carbon cartridge will last upto 8 weeks in a 60 gallon tank with medium carbonate hardness. And if the Jebo CO2 unit is set on a timer to work only when the light is on, it will last up to twice as long. It's reliable, easy to install and operate.

JEBO Aquarium CO2 System Features:

  • Easy to operate and install
  • High performance
  • for aquarium up to 400 litres

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