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Eheim Quick Vac Pro *out of stock*

Eheim Quick Vac Pro *out of stock*
Eheim Quick Vac Pro *out of stock*

The EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Cleaner and Sludge Extractor makes cleaning an aquarium as easy as pressing a button.  Just insert the suction end into the gravel.  The water suction lifts the waste up and deposits it into the super-fine mesh cartridge.  


Unlike siphon operated gravel vacuums which require buckets and hoses, the EHEIM Quick Vac pro is a hassle-free solution to conveniently maintaining the aquarium bottom.

  • Advanced suction power is specifically designed to pick up dirt particles, remove waste and extract sludge without excessively disturbing gravel or the biological balance of aquarium.
  • Super fine mesh cartridge traps even the smallest waste particles while letting water back into your aquarium (any residual cloudy water will clear up shortly after use).
  • Detachable super-fine mesh cartridge easily snaps out for quick cleaning.



  • Battery operated, can operate continuously for up to 4 hours.
  • Safe to use (no power cables)
  • For use in aquariums of all shapes & sizes with a minimum depth of 12
  • Note: not recommended for fine sand or fine gravel
  • included 4 AA batteries


Using the EHEIM Quick Vac pro regularly for just a few minutes can help to:


  • Remove or extract waste before it has a chance to break down and pollute the aquarium water
  • Decrease the buildup of harmful aquarium toxins
  • Extend the intervals between water changes
  • Lighten the load on the aquarium filter
  • Save you money by reducing the amount of additives needed for water maintenance
  • Reduce the overall maintenance time spent

Also ideal for specialty use and spot cleaning:


  • Carefully cleans between corals without disturbing the delicate polyps.
  • Cleans between plants without disturbing the root system.
  • Also picks up plant debris, excess food and large waste particles.

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