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Tunze Wavebox 6215

Tunze Wavebox 6215
Tunze Wavebox 6215

The Tunze Wavebox 6215 includes everything required to generate waves in medium to large rectangular aquariums from 200 up to 1500 litres.  The Wavebox 6215 uses an original Turbelle stream pump.  The produced wave flow is a useful supplement to directional current for suspending debris and the de-sedimentation of the aquarium. It also transports oxygen and nutrients to areas otherwise not reached by conventional circulation pumps. The integrated Magnet Holder enables easy attachment anywhere in the aquarium up to a glass thickness of 19mm". Package includes Tunze Wavecontroller 7092 and photocell.


  • Oscillating current with near-nature wave movement and circulation.
  • De-sedimentation of the entire aquarium habitat.
  • Wave generation at low power consumption, high efficiency and low motor heat.
  • Safety extra-low voltage, blocking and run-dry protection.
  • Wave Controller 7092 and Photo cell included in pack.
  • For tank sizes from 200 up to 1500 litres
  • Dimensions: L 4.9" x W 4.4" x H 11.8"
  • Immersion depth: approx. 11"
  • Power Consumption average: 18W
  • Magnet Holder up to glass thickness of 19mm
  • Made in German with a 2-year manufacturer`s warranty


$ 899.00
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