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Ecotech Coral Glue 295ml

Ecotech Coral Glue 295ml
Ecotech Coral Glue 295ml

Whether you’re working with coral frags or sculpturing your live rock; this glue will get the job done. Finally superior inter-molecular bonding in a form that is easy to apply, less messy, and has an extended shelf life. Try a superior product from the company that brought you the VorTech pump and experience glue the way it should be. 


  • Glue your corals upside down in your tank
  • Glue your corals and rock under water
  • Sets in 10 seconds
  • Cures in 5 minutes
  • Triple distilled for purity
  • pH neutral
  • Gel Consistency
  • Non-cloggin pin-cap
  • 2 year shelf life
Link to You Tube Review from Mr Saltwater Tank
$ 89.95
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